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What Is The Role of The Church

For this weeks weekly challenge focus on where you want to serve and give something back to the community? Are you already serving or would you like to serve more?

As part of a body of Christ we're responsible with being the hands and feet functioning and being there for those around us. Ephesians 4:11-17 outlines that each of us has a role, from "the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers". We are made to serve Christ, serve His people, our friends, family and even the stranger we accidentally bumped into at the mall yesterday. Moreover, we are made to serve in spaces where we would not often even consider venturing.

One such example is the recent Lesotho outreach and 10 Days of Hope outreach. Moving and helping in spaces where we don't often dare go. One of the most prominent things that you'll notice is that the people are just happy that you're there. Actually giving up your time to talk to them, listen to their story and comprehend something of what people are going through. How often do we actually do that in our day to day? Never mind on an outreach!

But not everyone is made to serve in a singular way, we are diverse human beings, each with a variety of skills, gifts and talents that we can use to better the lives of those around us. What are some of your skills and how can you use those to make a positive impact (however small you may think it is) to those around you? That is serving, that is being the hands and feet of the body of Christ. Just be there. Bring that which Christ gave to you and improve the live of those around you!

If you don't know where to start, we have some avenues where you can join and start serving. Just click here to sign up.


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