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Be Confident in Your Humbleness!

Being humble is a virtue that most of us are conflicted by. Jesus teaches us to be humble in our lives. Never think to big about ourselves and don't regard ourselves higher than others. This is sometimes difficult as we live in a world that constantly classifies our being, from things in our life that we can control, to things that we are unable to control. Placing us in ranks and orders that we're often told we need to confirm to. Respect those in a higher rank than you and disrespect those who you deem lower than yourself.

You most likely heard the story about the bad driver who took someone's parking spot, shouting and pointing fingers at the guy who patiently waited for the spot. The patient driver then calmly moves on to find a different spot. The patient driver then goes into his office and sees the impatient driver sitting there waiting for a job interview with the guy whose parking space he just took.

My point with this story is not to scare you with the typical "The wheel is turning" story, but rather put into context something that Luke 14:7-14 teaches us. Being humble, not boastful. We are allowed to be confident in our God given talents and gifts. After all, we do have a created purpose that Christ want's us to live up to. But the important part enters when we know how to be confident in ourselves without belittling others because their gifts and talents differ from ours. THAT is living within Christ, being humble towards others as a form of respect for their God given talents and calling.

So for this week's challenge, focus on not only noticing, but complimenting others on their talents. You may encounter a lot of people with the same talents as you because of the field of study/work you're in, so focus on who they are outside of that context. Even if it means entering into deeper conversations with people you've only ever greeted. Compliment that friend you study with on their ability to care and remember small things about you. Compliment your parents on other hobbies they have outside of work. Compliment that irritating sibling on how they come through for you when you're in trouble.

Notice others gifts and you'll notice how needed we all are for the building of Christ's kingdom. Be humble, notice your role in this world and be comfortable in that but notice other's role in this world as well and never grant yourself higher than others.


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