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Sermon Time

Sunday Sermon | 17:00

We have a single Sunday Sermon that is in English.

Bible Study

Tuesday Bron | 18:00

Our weekly Bible study delves deeper into the word of God and our convictions and beliefs.

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Coming Together

Kopanong is a twofold Sesotho word for a PLACE of Coming Together, the building, field, street and a place.

It is also a verb, the ACTION of Coming Together with believers, friends, a community and people who are searching for God.

Kopanong embodies and facilitates our continuous action needed to be a church for Christ, we host and facilitate KOPANONG, spending time actively following and embodying Christ. Empowering a community to spread the gospel that comes through His salvation, challenging the convention of what it means to be a Christian Church.

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Monday - Friday | 08:00 - 14:00

Sunday | 16:00 - Late


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