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Sunday Sermon | 17:00

We have a single Sunday Sermon that is in English.

Tuesday Bron | 18:00

Our weekly Bible study delves deeper into the word of God and our convictions and beliefs.

Kopanong Student Ministry Worship


Worship | Prayer | Study

At Kopanong Student Ministry, our faith is nurtured through weekly services, Bible studies, and dedicated prayer groups. These activities provide a strong foundation for spiritual growth and a deeper connection with God.

Relationships | Community | Welcome

Fellowship at Kopanong is fostered through small groups, social events, and a welcoming atmosphere. We believe in building strong and supportive relationships that reflect the love of Christ and living out His love.

Kopanong Student Ministry Bible Study


Kopanong Student Ministry Outreach


Outreach | Volunteer | Support

Service is a key part of our ministry, with organised community outreach, mission trips, and various volunteer teams. These efforts allow us to extend God’s love through our acts, both locally and beyond. There is a space for everyone to serve!

What's Happening?

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